Velocity Shoe


Brand DSI

DSI launches the unprecedented, high-­tech breakthrough designed for the control freak in you. When you demand a shoe engineered for peak efficiency, with stability for grip on high speed turns, and power for grab on the straightaway, step into Velocity.

When you demand solid shock absorption, maximum energy response, cushioned comfort, and full-­foot flexion, torque and support, with a sleek low-­profile, step into Velocity.

Forget what you know about marching footwear. This is a clean-­sheet design. Years of innovative research tuned this shoe to extreme performance standards, while our own control freak labs, designers, and technicians reinforced, molded, and tempered it to be quick, agile, and handsome.

This is the ultimate. This is Velocity. Step in. 

Features of the Velocity Marching Shoe

  • Sleeker foot shape, reducing "boxiness" (more attractive on the foot)
  • Thinner soles that will still take on parades, and still be glued AND sewn to the Napa upper for strength and durability
  • Articulated sole with different "attack" and "release" surfaces for forward platform and heel
  • Tread (new) inset from slim edge, hidden from view, but functional; with water expulsion, outside turn grip, flex-points on stress ares (balls of feet), front of toes overage, flattened heel with wide “release” point for stability
  • Slimmer, more efficient "toe box" to give a more movement-oriented look and feel, but retain the shape of the shoe, with no encroachment on the top of the toes, and no restrictions at the front of the foot
  • Perforated side panels for greater air circulation, without changing appearance (allows heat/moisture a pathway out of the shoe)
  • Lower profile lacings placement for smoother look, and more laces to help shape shoe in each individual’s foot
  • "Dance Shoe" lower sides, curved at back to accommodate raised, split Achilles support
  • Stabilizing stitches on tongue to avoid it wandering when putting the shoe on, or during use
Sizes available:
Mens medium: 2½-13 (half and full sizes)
Mens wide ONLY available in 6½-13 (half and full sizes)14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Womens medium: 4½-15 (half and full sizes)
Womens wide ONLY available in 8½-15 (half & full sizes) plus 16, 17, 18, 19, 20