USED - Quantum Marching Euphonium

$3,369.00 $1,300.00

Brand Jupiter

RRP: $3,369 new (You save $2,069)

The JEP1100MS Quantum marching euphonium features an 11” bell, a .592” bore, and stainless steel pistons. In addition to a unique first valve slide trigger for easy tuning the instrument also features a finger ring for carrying. Equipped with a large shank mouthpiece receiver, this instrument is the perfect tonal balance for use with the 5060 Quantum baritone. The 1100MS is ergonomically designed and incredibly well-balanced making it a true pleasure to play even after hours of rehearsal.

The JEP1100MS models available may be several years old, however used only for 2-3 seasons.  Price includes refurbishment prior to shipping.