USED - Majestic Symphonic Copper Timpani (Polished Copper), Set of 5

$31,310.00 $13,950.00

Brand Majestic

Email for availability prior to ordering.  Used for the 2024 season - available after August 15th, 2024. 

The Majestic Symphonic Series Timpani Set includes 20, 23, 26, 29, and 32 inch kettles with beautifully polished copper bowls. Majestic's popular Symphonic Series timpani feature a rugged, cast aluminum frame equipped with an easy-to-use balance style pedal, known for its accurate stability and distinctively light, smooth action. The Majestic Symphonic Series timpani uses polished copper kettles in a low profile suspension frame produce a clear, pure tone. The combination of tone quality and pedal stability make it the ultimate professional or school instrument. They also have a built-in third wheel under the pedal for easy, stable movement.


  • Balance style pedal system
  • Cast aluminum suspension frame with 3 wheels
  • One piece copper bowl, including bearing edge
  • Tuning gauge
  • Up to 1 octave range