USED - Quantum Marching Tenor Drums QCMT60234-DK-CC

$3,484.00 $1,150.00

Brand Mapex

Email for availability and shipping options prior to ordering.

Drums used in the 2024 season and available for delivery/pick-up after 8/15/24

The Mapex Quantum tom shells feature interior plies of Walnut and progressive cutaways that produce a full, dark tonality with intense clarity and projection. Walnut reinforcing rings provide shell stability while retaining the characteristic warmth of the shell.  The Free-Floating Lug Bridge® (FFLB) mounting system provides stability and future set-up flexibility, eliminating the need for additional drilling and extra hardware.

6"/10"/12"/13"/14" Quantum Mark II Classic Cut Quint w/ Patented FFLB Mounting System, Gloss Black

If available, accompanying products sold at additional price:
Randall May Tenor Drum Stand (RM-MASH-Q) - $175   ($429 MSRP)
Randall May Tenor Drum Carrier (RM-MABS-S) - $335  ($894 MSRP)