Elite Rifle 5 (37.5")


Brand DSI

Note to customers:  As of May 2, 2022, DSI has implemented a surcharge on all wooden rifles. Pricing includes this surcharge.

Meet the World Class, best-selling rifle in the industry! Living up to their name, the Elite rifle series outperforms and outsells competitors year after year, and it is clear why.


Elite rifles are used by the world’s top drum corps, winter guards and marching bands.


The “Official Rifle of WGI” has a variety of options in sizing, accessory color, and strap material, allowing you to outfit your rifle line with exactly what they can handle. From the original Elite 4, to our “twixter” hybrids (Elite 2 & 5), to the harder-skinned Elite Pro’s, this series outperforms the rest because it offers exactly what your color guard needs.

Elite Rifle Options Available:

  • Elite 3 (36" length)
  • Elite 4 (39" length)
  • Elite 5 (37.5" length)

Strap Options:

  • Black leather strap
  • White leather strap
  • Black web strap

Bolt Options:

  • Black ​bolt
  • ​Silver bolt
  • ​Gold ​bolt