USED - Majestic Quantum Marching Vibraphones


Brand Majestic

Email for availability prior to ordering.

Used by Phenom and the Academy for the 2018 season

2 available July 3rd, 2018 & 5 available August 12th, 2018

RRP: $3,750 new (You save $800)

With the Majestic Quantum vibraphones, you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for projection. The big, full-bodied tone produced by theses instruments can fill stadiums without becoming too bright or thin sounding.

Similar to the Quantum Marimba, these instruments feature custom black resonators (not shown here) which give the instruments a rich, classic image


  • 3 octave vibraphone
  • Non-motor model (V1530SX)
  • Wide pedal with twin pull rods
  • Offset arch resonators with black finish (not pictured here)
  • Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
  • 8″ wheels